The Time Before Christmas

before christmas 1 before christmas 2 before christmas 3 before christmas 4 before christmas 5 before christmas 6

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10 Responses to The Time Before Christmas

  1. effiemakeup says:

    My apartment is COVERED in Christmas lights, and we just bought more last night.

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  2. Blasphemy! There was no time before the Internet!

    Oh, Lloydy Lloydy, why must we go through this pagan “War on the Internet” every “Holiday” season, amirite.

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  3. If the lights arrive late, it’s an excuse to keep decorations up for a while longer.

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  4. We have them indoors all year long. You never know when you’re going to need some holiday cheer.

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  5. Eda says:

    New kitten in the house. In the interest of not burning said house down, no lights, no tree. Maybe next year.

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  6. underwhelmer says:

    Haha, nice. We were talking at work today about bringing back 56k dial up connections for everything. We concluded there would be murders in the street in less than ten minutes.

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