Being Reincarnated as a Cat

BeingCat 1 BeingCat 2 BeingCat 3 BeingCat 4 BeingCat 5 BeingCat 6 BeingCat 7 BeingCat 8

It’s late and I feel like this post got a little rambling, but the end story is I could never be a cat because I like to sleep too much, which is a real dilemma because that’s the whole point of being cat. Well, that and knocking things off tables.

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24 Responses to Being Reincarnated as a Cat

  1. I think I was a cat and did something wrong. Maybe I didn’t sleep enough. :-/

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  2. valentina smoothie says:

    cats are the best!!

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  3. Don’t forget that other cat things include making noises for no real reason, walking on people with no remorse, and being able to sleep wherever you please.

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  4. You and I are kindreds. I alarm my husband sometimes, too.

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  5. Dana says:

    The strays don’t have it that good.

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  6. Look at this optimistically. If you ever muster up the strength to go without sleep, eventually you’ll turn so psychotic from the sleep deprivation you will think you’re a cat. And then you’ll run around the house and whatnot. Sure to please any lesser creatures, such as human beings, you happen to live with. Reincarnation by mental breakdown is the spiritual path of the age, I tell you.

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  7. Elyse says:

    You could be a dog. They get to sleep all the time, get fed, loved. All they have to do is bark now and then. And not necessarily at anything.

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  8. I would like to be reincarnated as a grizzly bear. Fat and grumpy and sleeps all winter.

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  9. Christine says:

    I’m thinking of the whole ‘coughing up the fur ball’ thing..I don’t know how fun that would be..:)

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  10. I want to reincarnated as a cat with insomnia…and hands. (I will take over the world.)

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  11. anish19 says:

    Reblogged this on anish19's Blog and commented:

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  12. Haha. Loved it! 😀

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  13. Jaqueline says:

    Haha I liked this little comic…very creative and funny especially at 6 in the morning

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  14. logandude says:

    Lol! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL! 😀 Keep up the good work!

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