Texts with My Husband

Welcome to another edition of “Texts with My Husband,” where I pass off texts message conversations as blog material because I was too lazy busy to do a real post!

In case you’re new to this game, I’m over on the right in the blue, and my poor husband is over there in the grays. Don’t worry though, he’s an approved commenter! (That was a Kinja joke.) (Nevermind.)


He doesn’t think so, but the Midge is a good name for this car. Midges are small flies. Flies are annoying and mostly useless. This car is annoying and mostly useless. #restscase


Posting this will one will probably get me in trouble with the law one day, but at least I have proof that he was complicit.


This is when he didn’t tell me I had a package, and everyone knows that receiving a package is the greatest thing that can possibly happen to you in a day, and I’m still kind of mad at him about it.


Alfie is a male dog friend that our dog hangs out with on occasion. Apparently he thinks she’s old enough to date. SHE’S NOT!


This was after we got back from Ireland. I’m still looking for investors, btw. I don’t care what anyone says, their ham bacon is NOT real bacon. (I mean, it’s good in its own way, but NOT bacon.)

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18 Responses to Texts with My Husband

  1. garym6059 says:

    I’m single and even I know withholding information about a package being delivered is a no-no!

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  2. veryrach says:

    1. You guys still write checks??!! (You’re crazy! I love you (that’s what you say when you do crazy things right?)) 2. I did not realize that all cats secretly did not want their owners to have nice things. This explains A LOT. So thanks for that, and I feel your pain. 3. my BF HIDES my packages when I get home and I have to go looking for them! It’s some sort of torture I swear. 4. LOVE this post. I was LOLing the whole way. Thanks for sharing 😀

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    • Rae says:

      1. We still use checks for our dog walker. I know. We’re old-fashioned like that.
      2. I know, right?
      3. Hiding packages is cruel and unusual punishment. Congress would not approve. (Or maybe they would?)
      4. Thanks!


  3. mentalnote8 says:

    he he he he (I needed that chuckle)

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  4. nicoleep says:

    I keep considering signing up for Birchbox, but still have not done so.. Because really, I don’t know if I’d actually use all those products..

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    • Rae says:

      I don’t always use all of them, but some of the things are nice to take traveling. Sometimes on an off month I consider canceling but pretty sure I don’t just because of the thrill of getting an unknown package every month.


  5. Ninja Phil says:

    I love how he ends every discussion with ‘I love you’, that’s some good fail safe husband-ship. “You’re crazy, love you” “Whatever you say, Love you” He should write a guide on safely conducting conversations with your spouse 😉

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  6. hehehehe (= this one is great!

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  7. asweetpeach says:

    I think cats are the gatekeepers to hell. So it doesn’t surprise me that they are plotting against you.

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  8. You don’t like me to have nice things.
    Do you think you’re texting the cats or something?

    Best text exchange in the history of ever.

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  9. geemolina says:

    You’re crazy and he loves you! That’s crazier and fun! Have a great day Rae!

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  10. Dana says:

    Tell us more about your puppy!


  11. Kooky Chic says:

    Haha very funny

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  12. hahaha.. it’s so funny.. great blog please check out mine too

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