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Castle Ghost

There really should be an Olympic sport for freaking yourself out when you really mean to freak someone else out. I really would win the gold. P.S. I really did get to stay in a castle though – we just … Continue reading

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Repost: Migraine or Tumor

Hey, guys! I’m not going to be able to post for the next few weeks, but I didn’t want to totally leave you hanging, so I scheduled a couple of old favorites. Now is also a good time to appreciate … Continue reading

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Back when the Husband and I first got married, we were on a desperate search to find our first apartment together in San Francisco. I didn’t have a job yet and the Husband was still finishing college and working part-time, … Continue reading

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My Thought Process

  This is how I actually think because I’m insane.

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Late Night Thoughts

Everybody has some natural talent. Some people are talented in athletics. Some people can hold their breath for a really long time. And some people can make a really fabulous poached egg. My talent is unrelenting paranoia. This isn’t really … Continue reading

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The Cold Boss

    Sometimes when my body parts don’t cooperate, I start to imagine the conversations I’d have with them. This week I’ve had a bad cold and for whatever reason, they turned into the mob. I blame the fever. ***** Also, … Continue reading

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Jesus Lives in Tennessee

The following is a real conversation I had with Cleverbot, which basically reinforces my belief that artificial intelligence is not to be trusted (unless it can do my laundry, then the risk of a robot takeover might be worth it). … Continue reading

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My Tree

A lot of people get attached to inanimate objects, but I have a thing with getting attached to pieces of landscape. The last apartment I lived in sat on top of a hill and every morning I would cross the … Continue reading

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